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After several months of testing and prototypes, we have finally developed a speaker cable made entirely by us combining solid 6N silver or 6N silver/gold alloy conductors (both obtained by the OCC method) of large diameter with different materials which isolate and protect the signal effectively, while achieving a sound never before obtained.


A cable that will raise the level of your system to dramatic limits that you would never have suspected and with which you simply want to connect your equipment to listen to music in all its expression. Any appellative and adjective, once you have tried and listened to our OSIRIS cable, it is meaningless. When you have done this, you will find that it is impossible going back.


Note: it is important to bear in mind that some Furutech spades have 7.5 mm input measurements (Furutech FT-211), which does not make them suitable for all speakers. Please check your speaker terminals well before ordering.


Price per couple.


In order to get the best performance, we recommend a burn-in period of 100 hours on all our cables.

OSIRIS LS Speaker cable

VAT Included
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