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Our OSIRIS interconnect cable is the result of several months of trials and tests, until we found the design that gives you the most faithful message and the most realistic tone of the recordings were obtained.


It is manufactured, like the speaker cable of the same OSIRIS range, entirely by us using solid silver conductors or silver/gold alloy of considerable diameter and the highest quality and purity, grade 6N (99.99998% ), obtained through the OHNO process. Each conductor is encased several times with dielectrics of the highest quality to avoid both corrosion and to ensure the absence of external interferences. Finally we cover them with several successive layers of Techflex outer sleeve that protects it effectively against any external interference and offers a magnificent touch.


The result is a cable that far surpasses any previous cable on stage, naturalness, fluidity, timbre and harmonics at an affordable price.


It is offered as standard with the following high-end Furutech connectors, both in RCA and XLR modes:


RCA: Furutech FP-110 (G)

XLR: Furutech FP-601M (G)/FP-602F (G)


Also available with silver / gold conductors (99.99998% OCC) at the same price. Please indicate this when ordering.


What are the differences between silver or silver/gold conductors?

To help you as a reference when choosing between the two versions, the silver offers a more linear sound across the entire frequency range, while the silver/gold version slightly boosts the midrange offering a more pleasant sound in the midrange in certain systems. Please, do not take these words as an absolute but as a guide, since the final result will depend on factors such as the synergy with the system in which the cables are to be used, the conditioning of the room and the particular taste of the listener. While some people are happy to get as much micro detail out of their recordings, others prefer a smoother sound, with a more textured midrange. That does not mean that one version or another will differ a lot, we usually talk about subbtle details but that they will complete your system and make you enjoy the music to the fullest.


In order to get the best performance, we recommend a burn-in period of 100 hours on all our cables.

OSIRIS Interconnect

PriceFrom €1,125.00
VAT Included
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