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The new HORUS HYBRID power cable uses 6N copper wires obtained by the OCC method and copper wires plated with the purest silver. The diameter of the conductors increases by more than 40% until reaching 5.8 mm2 per conductor, which gives us almost 18 mm2 in total. The speed and warmth of the conduction of OCC copper is combined with the neutrality, transparency and dynamics that silver offers, resulting in a power cable that far exceeds any expectation if we take into account the price level at which it moves. Crisp, detailed highs, an information-rich midrange, and extended, controlled low frequencies in a cable that's designed to clearly make a difference.


  • 6N (99.9999%) copper and silver-plated copper conductors, 5.8 mm2 each.
  • Dielectric: high quality PVC.
  • Shielding: pure copper mesh.
  • Outer sheath: Techflex ultra-soft nylon multi.
  • Schuko/IEC with non-magnetic metal body and carbon fiber, laser engraved, rhodium-plated copper conductors.
  • Made by hand and checked one by one for 10 hours.
  • Two year warranty against any manufacturing defect.


Note: In order to get the best performance, we recommend a burn-in period of 100 hours on all our cables.


PriceFrom €675.00
VAT Included


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