Repair service.

We repair defective loudspeaker, interconnect and power cables, returning them to their initial state or better. Our service offers the replacement of damaged components (outer sleeves, heat shrink, cold solder) and/or plugs if necessary, under budget and acceptance by the customer. Prices include the final product check and 6-month warranty.

We work the main brands in the market (Furutech, WBT ...), offering really competitive rates.


Banana Z-plug/spade(includes plug): 4 euro.

High quality PET outer sleeve: 3 euro/m (8 to 12 mm, black).

WBT 0144 (set of 4): 30 euro.

Starline RCA (set of 4): 30 euro.

Neutrik RCA (set of 4): 25 euro.

Neutrik XLR (set of 4): 30 euro.

Furutech FP-162(G) (set of 4): 27 euro.

Furutech FP-160(G) (set of 4): 70 euro.

Furutech FP-701M(G)/FP-702F(G) (set of 4, 2 each): 60 euro.

Furutech FP-111(R)(set of 4): 90 euro.

BNC Furutech FP-3-117(R)(set of 4): 38 euro.

Schuko/IEC (rhodium/gold): 25 euro.

Schuko/IEC aluminium body: 40 euro.

Schuko/IEC steel/carbon fiber/rhodium: 65 euro.

Carbon fiber/rhodium banana (set of 4): 60 euros.

Furutech FP-212(G) (set of 4): 90 euros.


All the shipping costs will be paid for the customer.

Expected time for jobs, 4-5 days.

All prices published on this page are valid, except for typographical errors.

VAT not included.

Labour not included (30 eur/h plus VAT).