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Like our OSIRIS interconnect cable, it is the result of months of intense work and tests, until we found the design in which the most faithful message and realistic timbre of the recordings were obtained.


It is manufactured using solid silver conductors or silver/gold alloy of considerable diameter with 6N maximum purity (99.99998%) can be obtained by the OHNO process. Each conductor is encased several times in different dielectrics of the highest quality to avoid both corrosion and to ensure the absence of external interferences. Finally we protect it layers of Techflex outer sleeve which protects it effectively against any external interference and offers a magnificent touch.


The result is a cable that vastly surpasses on stage, naturalness, fluidity, timbre and harmonics to any previous cable at an affordable price.


Available in black and gray colors.


In order to get the best performance, we recommend a burn-in period of 100 hours on all our cables.





PriceFrom €1,225.00
VAT Included
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