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  • Manufactured with 6N silver wires (purity greater than 99.99998%) obtained through the OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) process or with 6N silver wires (99.99998) OCC alloyed with gold.
  • Individually Teflon Coated Oversize  of caliber AWG15 and later in cotton.
  • internally mounted with  tin with silver WBT, thermally sealed in order to avoid unwanted corrosion and ensure maximum conductive efficiency.
  • Black ultra-soft nylon Techflex outer cover.
  • Furutech FP-160(G) RCA Connectors.
  • Standard length, 1 meter.
  • Assembled by hand and checked one by one in our systems.
  • Two year warranty against any manufacturing defect.  Personal Certificate with Serial Number and Warranty.
  • Feel the music as the source extracts it, without coloration or interference: wide and dynamic sound, with exquisite tonality and rich sound textures.



Price per couple.


Note: We advise a break-in of approximately 100 hours on all our cables in order to get the most out of them.


PriceFrom €725.00
VAT Included
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