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  • Conductors: 3 x 23 AWG 6N OCC copper/silver.
  • Dielectrics: air, teflon, cotton.
  • ZSD (Zero Signal Distortion) technology.
  • Insulation: Q-PleX Level I System.
  • Techflex monofilament outer sheath.
  • Made by hand in our facilities, only on request.
  • Individual checking: 10 hours.
  • Custom lenghts, please ask.



Note: We advise a break-in of approximately 100 hours on all our cables in order to obtain the maximum performance from them.


*OCC: The process for obtaining ultrapure copper was developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. This technology has been applied to the manufacture of copper monocrystals with the process of continuous casting in a heated mold. The resulting product is small rods of OCC pure copper, of the that the wire can be removed and that can have copper grains of more than 200 meters in length. It is currently applied to obtaining precious metals such as silver or gold through more developed techniques such as the use of the vacuum. This is how conductive wires with unique characteristics are obtained: monocrystalline conductors, unidirectional, free of impurities, highly resistant to fatigue, flexible, with very low electrical resistance and corrosion with a quasi-perfect structure.


PriceFrom €700.00
VAT Included
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