Would you like to upgrade your cables? Are you worried about the cost of it?


With you in mind, we set up the "Upgrade Program". By purchasing any interconnect, digital or power cable from our OSIRIS range, we offer you the possibility of taking your current cables as part of the payment. Have a look at our highly competitive prices at our online store. Recover the excitement and inject new live into your system with the finest artisan cables at a lower price than you can imagine.


1. The value of the discount will not exceed 30% of the cable purchased.

2. The cable will be in perfect condition, both aesthetic and functional (perfectly readable logo and brand). Original packaging will be positive assessed.

3. Modified cables from their factory status will not be admitted.

4. In certain brands (Cardas, Nordost, Siltech ...) it will be necessary to attach their certificate of authenticity, due to the large number of counterfeits existing.

5. The buyer will send the cable and pay the difference.

For further details please contact to info@wires4music.com